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C4 Bulgaria 'Student immigrant at school'


 Day 1

1)„Immigrant students at partner schools” presenting the procedures, the ways the students participate in classes, the methods we use to teach them, any extra classes or supporting teachers, etc. in all partner schools (presentation + discussion)


Day 2

2)“Before I was a refugee” – working out the offline lesson plan with handout and films - based on local teachers' suggestions 




Day 3

3) Workshop on the IT tools to make an e-book “Famous immigrants in my country” - run by local teachers

4) Discussion about preparing the e-book with famous immigrants in the countries of partner schools - the work form, time, students' age, etc. - all partner teachers


Day 4

5) “Before I was a refugee" - running the lesson with students and recording in all partner schools

6)  Designing 5 games integrating students to play during lessons by class teachers - prepared by Polish teachers


Day 5

7) Presenting the recorded lessons “Before I was a refugee" to students of other partner schools

8) Starting an activity on eTwinning platform - prepared by Romanian teachers

9) Sending the certificates of attendance.

10) Ending the meeting.