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122nd Primary School “Nikolai Liliev” is situated in Losenets - one of the best districts of the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia.

122nd Primary school “Nikolai Liliev” is founded in 1962. There are 535 students and 21 classes in the school. There is a pre-school group. Our children are from six up to thirteen years old. Children study at our school from first to seventh grade. After completing their primary education in seventh grade, they have to pass exams in Bulgarian language and Mathematics to go to a Secondary school.

The school staff at 122nd school is comprised by single minded people with a common goal, which is to provide their students with an education which prepares them for life in the 21st century. 122nd school as an organization is represented by students, teachers, administrative personnel and assistant personnel, all gathered by their common goals and using their respective resources in achieving them. The management team of the school consist of – principle, assistant principle for the education process, assistant principle for the school administrative tasks combined with pedagogical workload and a head teacher.

Within the school there are two methodical groups – that of the primary teachers and of the junior high-school teachers. The tasks which they both have is to encourage the student’s creativity, through the implication of innovative education processes, methods of teaching and school leadership programs. The school management clearly understands that, in todays world, technology plays a key figure, which allows communication, innovativeness and efficiency.

The school has employed 49 teachers, out of which 24 are responsible for primary education and the rest are handling junior high school education. Information technology and computer programing are taught by 4 teachers.

Another differentiating feature of the school is providing a full scope of specialized trainers even in the earliest stages of education. The foreign language preparation, ICT studies, programing skills classes are taught by specialized professionals with the qualification to work with the specific age group. They continuously forgo further on-the-job and off-the-job qualification which supports the philosophy of the school for interdisciplinary ties and cross-cultural approach in the educational and training process. 


A primary focus for the school management and staff is the basis for relationship with the students and treating them as equal partners in the educational process. That establishes the school as a desired place for students to receive knowledge and skills, helps to develop their personal motivation for higher results, ensures their devotion towards further personal development, increases their opportunities to make the link between their interests and knowledge, allows them to be more open and understanding of the world, improves their abilities to implement ICT in their studies.